Hello.  I am Pastor Tara.  I have started this website as a place for people like you to unravel their faith.  It’s a place to wonder about, question, doubt, accept, believe, and decipher what it is faith in God means for our life here on earth.  I am Lutheran (LCMC), but this site is for everyone of all denominations who want to dig deeper, get re-connected, or figure out what faith means to them.  So, welcome to the community!  I look forward to journeying with you.

If you are curious about my credentials, yes, I went to seminary. I graduated from Luther Seminary in May 2011, with my Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree.  On January 5, 2014, I was ordained and sent out by Peace Lutheran Church in Belgrade, MT, to do mission outreach work where I live.  This website has been, and continues to be, part of that mission.

Disclaimer: By accessing this website and its content you agree that I am not responsible for your actions. If you choose to contact me, correspondence will be confidential but please know that I am a mandatory reporter if you are a threat to yourself or anyone else.

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