Occasionally I create or develop something that I feel can be useful to the larger population.  You can find those items here.

Personal Budgeting & Finances spreadsheet.
This is an all in one package for budgeting, keeping up the checkbook(s), and planning for your future.  I have found it really handy for itemizing deductions while doing taxes by filtering line items, and for checking on my monthly spending.  You may ask why a pastor is promoting/selling such a thing on their website.  Well, financial independence is good personal stewardship!  You will also notice the first line item listed in the budget is Charity, one of the ways that we can give back some of what we have been blessed with ourselves.  Of course, once you purchase the product, you will have the freedom to change the labels of budgeted items within your own spreadsheet.

You can read more about the Personal Budgeting & Finances spreadsheet and purchase it ($12.99) by clicking HERE.


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